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Harry Styles’ Best Gucci Suits

Harry is a style icon

It’s no secret that Harry Styles is a fan of high fashion, with a particular love of Alessandro Michele’s bold designs for Gucci. Since he rolled up to the 2015 AMAs wearing that black and white floral number, he’s danced, pranced and frolicked around in some of the most flamboyant and fabulous pieces ever beheld by the human eye.

Harry knows how to make a statement and pulls off flashy floral prints, sparkles and frills in a way that most of us can only dream of. In celebration of him co-chairing the Met Gala this year, let’s reflect on some of his finest Gucci looks.

Red floral suit

When One Direction performed on the 2015 X Factor final before going on hiatus, emotions were raw. But Harry made it all better when he bloomed in this bold floral number.

Blue floral suit

It’s clear that Harry has an affinity for pulling off florals. The blue suit from the Kiwi video is truly iconic.

Purple and gold sparkly suit

Now, this suit from his Milan show in 2018 was life-changing for multiple reasons. The purple sparkles. The gold shirt. The pleated bow. The embroidered lapels. I’m still quaking.

Blue sparkly suit

Harry’s personality isn’t the only thing that sparkles, which is abundantly clear from the outfit he wore on stage in Copenhagen in 2018. This shimmering number complete with the pink trim is nothing less than groundbreaking.

Pink and gold sparkly suit

Source: Pinterest

No one wears pink quite like Harry. And I mean no one. This glittering number from his London show last year speaks for itself. I can't find a photo that does it justice. The cropped pink velvet jacket with gold details is fun and fabulous and the black nails tie everything together nicely.

Stars and lightning bolts suit

Source: Pinterest

Only a true rockstar can pull this off. The black sparkly suit he wore on stage in Hong Kong in 2018 was adorned with stars and lightning bolts and I’m still speechless. Out of this world.

Hot pink suit

Pink is a true rock and roll colour, only reaffirmed by Harry’s suit in Bologna last year. The hot pink lapels are the perfect finishing touch.

Pink and green sparkly floral suit

Source: Chicago Tribune

Florals and sparkles are definitely a theme here. I’m pretty sure Harry lit up the whole of Chicago in this glittering pink and green suit.

Pink satin suit

Source: Pinterest

Pink. Satin. With an embroidered dragon? I’ll never recover from this.

Red satin suit

The red satin suit he wore for his show in Tokyo was a complete work of art. Just look at that detail.

One of the best things about being a Harry Styles fan is that you don’t know what he’s going to do next. But you can be sure it’s going to be spectacular.

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